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Nd: YAG laser, the laser permeate the epidermis into the dermis which includes amount of pigment mass. Since the laser pulses in nanosecond but with super high energy, the shot pigment mass swell quickly and breaks into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolic system.

    Working Theory


    Technical Parameters

    Laser type ND: yag laser
    Wavelength 1064nm&532nm&1320nm
    Energy 1-2000J
    Frequency 1-10hz
    Screen 8.4 Inch color touch LCD screen
    Language different languages optional
    Spot Fixed spot size
    Cooling system water cooling +Air Cooling +self-contained cooling
    Electrical Requirement AC 220V士10% 50HZ
    AC 110V士10% 60HZ

    System Advantages

    • 8.4" color-touch screen, smart appearance.
    • Small size and light weight, easy to transport, saving freight costs.
    • High Performance, Short pulse width / High power / Long lifespan.
    • Cost-effective laser handle design.
    • Instruction light: net imports of infrared indicator to spot more accurate treatment has greatly enhanced point utilization, and cost saving.
    • Powerful energy: 2000mJ;
    • Easy to operate, special language, free logo service. One to-one training.
    • Digit counter: with a counter on the handle, you can see the precise shots number clearly.
    • Humanized software control, all parameters adjustable on LCD display easily;
    • Strong packing: aluminum alloy case, durable in any rough transportation.
    • High quality of machine shell: ABS material Perfect cooling system: air + water, good performance for long time working.
    • Suitable for the performance of skin care center, spa, medicalspa, clinic.




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