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High Energy Focused Ultrasound +Focus RF 3D Lifting

* Suspension lifting and tightening, painless and non-invasive, one-time results.

* Diferent depth probes for layered anti-aging.

* Three-dimensional enhancement of skin age, skin texture and skin tone.

* One lifting, two tightening, "ultrasound D + thermal MGI" double guarantee,a machine to deal with!

    About HIFU


    HlFU is able to target areas such as the face and neck for tightening and lifting freatments. The technology uses focused, high-energyultrasound to generate heat in specific areas of deep tissue. This heat stimulatescollagen regeneration and restructuring of the skin, which in turn improves the skin's firmness and elasticity.
    HIFU-powered transducers deliver concentrated waves of ultrasound into multiple layers of skin and body tissues without making direct contact with surrounding areas.
    Transferring stabilized temperatures of 65~75°C into the targeted zones, the device aims to induce a process of neocollagenesis in the face while tightening body tissues for contouring purposes.

    Focus RF + 3D Lifting


    What is high energy focus ultrasound? Adopting the methods of micro-point focusing and large focal area, the ultrasonic energy is used to accurately heat the SMAS fascia layer and the dermis and fat tissues under the skin. Using ultrasonic energy to precisely heat the subcutaneous SMAS fascia layer, dermis layer and fat tissue, the heat energy makes the fascia tighten, causes the aging collagen to contract, and stimulates the collagen to proliferate and restructure, quickly tightens the skin, and solves the problems of aging skin such as looseness, droopiness, and wrinkles. Safety: No tissue thermal damage outside the focusing area,No infection, no bleeding, non-invasive treatment, safe and without side effects. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and is a treatment based on sound waves. The energy released during this treatment creates heat in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen production is stimulated in the recovery process that follows. This collagen makes the skin stronger and firmer and regains its elasticity. The process of collagen formation takes about 3 months, so that the skin gradually tightens. The result therefore comes about in a natural way. Those around you will notice that you look younger and fresher without this appearing artificial.


    What Is SMAS FASCIA?

    The SMAS fascial layer lies between the lower dermis and the top of the muscle layer One of the causes of facial wrinkles and sagging skin The target area of the face lift treatment, at adepth of 4.5mm under the skin

    1: Skin epidermis and dermis layer 2: Superficial fat (subcutaneous)layer 3:SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) 4: Retaining ligaments and spaces 5: Deep fat layer (absent on the forehead) 6: Periosteum, deep fascia 7: Bones



    Focus RF 


    Technical Parameters 

    Product Name High-energy focused ultrasound technology
    Frequency:2MHz/4MHz/5.5MHz/7MHz Work mode: Single/ Pulse Mode
    3d Cartridge: 1.5/3.0/4.5/8.0/13.0 (standard equipment)6.0/10.0/16.0 (optional) RF Cartridge:1.5/3.0/4.5/(standard equipment)6.0/9.0/13.0(optional)
    Input length:5 -25mm (adjustable) Spacing between cutterheads: 1.0-3.0mm
    Input power: AC 220V士10% 50HZ AC 110V士10% 60HZ   Number of probe rows: 1.0-12.0
    HlFU frequency: 1.0-20(Hz)                 HIFU Energy: 1.0-2.0(J)                RF Energy:1.0-20
    Package size:53*46*44.5cm

    Interface introduction 


    FOCUS ON RF+3D - with four major Advantages


    Before And After